26 November 2020

Dividend cuts – not all bad?

UK dividends experienced their biggest quarterly fall on record in Q2 2020, dropping by over £22bn (57%) to give a total payout of £16bn. Dividends were cancelled by 176 companies and reduced by at least a further 30. BP cut its dividend for the first time in a decade, with a 50% reduction to 5.25 […]

17 November 2020

In the news

Are you on the ball? ScamSmart campaign targets football fans In the last three years, over £30m has been lost to pension scammers, with losses ranging from under £1,000 to £500,000, with some rare cases topping the £1m marker. A new ScamSmart campaign is aimed at football fans, after discovering they are highly likely to […]

17 November 2020

Have you saved during lockdown?

If so, you’re part of 37% of the UK population who managed to put away more money during lockdown, as daily expenditure on commuting and leisure activities dramatically decreased. What’s more, it looks like Britain’s growing army of savers are here to stay, with 36% stating they aim to keep cutting costs post-lockdown1. Could savings […]

17 November 2020

Are you mortgage-ready?

Your first port of call should be getting your finances in good shape before lenders review them and assess your ability to make repayments on your loan. Some top tips for standing yourself in good stead include:  Save – To improve the chances of being offered a mortgage on favourable terms, save as much as […]

10 November 2020

ISA – 21 not out

When the Individual Savings Account (ISA) was launched in 1999, the allowance was £3,000 for a cash ISA or £7,000 for a stocks and shares ISA each tax year. Now at the grand old age of 21, the overall allowance has risen to a generous £20,000. In the early days, choice was limited to either […]

10 November 2020

Small island living – rediscovering what we already have

In recent weeks, there has been an 800% rise in Brits searching for ‘Staycation UK’, as the uncertainty surrounding international travel during the pandemic continues to prevail1. Appreciating what you already have… Destinations such as Plymouth, the Isle of Wight and Exeter are expected to recover quickly due to the staycation tourism boost, according to […]

4 November 2020

Getting financially fit for a new way of life

With millions of people having been affected financially by the pandemic, it’s possible that your finances no longer match your lifestyle and needs, so take some time to review your situation to keep on track. Budget and debt planning – Regularly review your income and outgoings, particularly if your circumstances have changed; also make sure […]

4 November 2020

Famous last words…

However complex or divisive a character Winston Churchill may have been, there’s no doubt he had a way with words. While the former Prime Minister is perhaps most famous for his powerful speeches during the Second World War, he also had a surprising amount to say about the importance of life insurance.  He stated: “If […]