31 March 2021

Mortgages: A brief history

To reach their dream of homeownership, most aspiring buyers depend on being offered a mortgage. In Q2 2020, the outstanding value of all residential mortgage loans had reached a staggering £1,513.3bn1. But where did it all start? Pre-1900s Estimates of homeownership are sketchy prior to the 20th century, but data from 1831 has led to […]

19 March 2021

How much space can £231k buy you?

A study1 has revealed that, based on the UK’s average house price of £231,000, the West Midlands is the UK region with the most living space. Many properties in this region have around 30% more space than average at 104.92 sq m. Buyers can also expect to benefit from a higher-than- average number of bedrooms […]

19 March 2021

Struggling to save for retirement? Try this tip

More than ever, UK savers are struggling to prioritise their pension, with over half saying they are likely to review or reduce their pension contributions in the wake of the pandemic1. It’s true that it can be easy to think of pension contributions as a drain on your resources. And yet, despite travel restrictions, Britons […]

11 March 2021

In the News

UK to launch first green gilt The government is planning to launch the UK’s first green gilt in 2021 in response to “growing investor demand,” as announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak. He said it would be the first in a series of new issuances, with the government keen to position the UK as a world-leading […]

11 March 2021

Is your loft a gold mine of undiscovered treasures?

Most houses have at least a little clutter lying around. Maybe a few old schoolbooks circa 1960, or some of the children’s old teddies; lofts and cupboards across the country are full of what optimists might call ‘keepsakes’ and what others would label ‘junk’. Over the years, some priceless artefacts have been uncovered in the […]

4 March 2021

Spring Budget 2021

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, delivered his second Budget on 3 March declaring that “we will recover“. The key fiscal event, which had been delayed from the Autumn due to the pandemic, centred on a £65bn three-part plan designed to continue supporting British people and businesses through the pandemic, ‘fix’ the public finances once […]