29 September 2021

Long-COVID pension pot peril

The pandemic has affected almost everyone in myriad ways, whether medically, socially or financially; its death toll has been appalling and overshadows all other consequences. The vast majority have fortunately come through the pandemic, but the speed of recovery from its consequences has been variable. Medically, many patients have recovered well, but some with prolonged […]

23 September 2021

Do you know your home’s true worth?

Most people have a rough estimate in their head of how much they  could sell their home for if they ever decided to move – but how accurate is it? In a survey1, nearly half (45%) of homeowners undervalued their property by £46,305 on average, while 25% overestimated by an average of £44,313, with under […]

15 September 2021

Rising inheritances and deficit may hasten IHT change

In 2018, Chancellor Philip Hammond asked the Office of Tax Simplification to review Inheritance Tax1. However, subsequent events have meant that the tax regime for transfers of wealth between generations has not been revised, though Mr Hammond’s next-but-one successor Rishi Sunak could yet dust-off two OTS reports2. A big deficit caused by the pandemic points […]

9 September 2021

Equity release availability hits record high

The number of equity release products on the market is the highest it has ever been, with rates over two percentage points lower than five years ago. Data1 shows that the number of equity release products now exceeds 500 – the highest on record. The analysis also reveals that the maximum available LTV has remained […]

9 September 2021

‘Secret accounts’ slow the probate process

According to the first Bereavement Index from probate software specialist Exizent1, many people fail to put their financial affairs in order before they die, leaving behind a ‘financial mess’ and a stressful experience for those tasked with administering their estate. The Index revealed that one in seven (14%) of those tasked with gathering the assets […]

9 September 2021

Taking the emotion (and colour!) out of investment decisions

The psychology of investing is fascinating. There are so many behavioural traps that investors may find themselves falling into as markets fluctuate and knee jerk reactions take hold. The anchoring trap is a prime example, where investors over rely on their perceptions of an investment which may be totally incorrect, rather than being flexible in […]