24 November 2021

Sudden Wealth Syndrome: dealing with a financial windfall

If you received a large windfall suddenly or unexpectedly, you’d likely expect to feel happy and excited for the opportunities it presents. Whether you’re a successful entrepreneur, perhaps selling your business or inheriting, sudden wealth can feel overwhelming. Far from being a happy event for some, coming into a large sum of money can prove […]

24 November 2021

Regulator notes vital insurance need

Earlier this year, the Financial Conduct Authority published the results of its latest Financial Lives Survey. These showed, among other things, that COVID-19 had presented a severe test for the population’s finances, and that about a quarter of UK adults displayed signs of low financial resilience. Such signs include over-indebtedness, low levels of savings and […]

17 November 2021

‘Flip the context’ to protect your savings

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has revealed that over £2m was lost to pension scammers in the first five months of 2021. The average amount lost so far in 2021 is £50,949, compared to £23,689 in 2020. The FCA research shows that pension holders were nine times more likely to accept ‘advice’ from someone online […]

10 November 2021

Best ways to add value to your home

Several months of double-digit house price growth has benefited homeowners looking to sell. However, if you want to boost the asking price of your home even further, it’s important to understand which projects will add the most value once you’ve factored in the cost of the job itself. The most valuable projects Loft conversions can […]

10 November 2021

Inflation debunks ‘cash is king’ mantra

A modest level of price inflation is generally seen as acceptable and even as a sign of a healthy economy. For some years, the Bank of England’s target for annual Consumer Prices Index (CPI) growth has been 2%; not a steady 2%, as short-term fluctuations are inevitable, but an average of about 2% over several […]

10 November 2021

COVID prompts uplift in grandparental support

Most grandparents are acutely aware of the challenges their grandchildren face as they progress through education and into the workplace. University tuition fees and other costs can leave the upcoming generations with debts before they begin full-time work, making it more difficult for them to accumulate the deposit on their first property purchase. The impact […]

2 November 2021

Young adults struggle to understand the mortgage process

It is hardly a secret that young people face significant barriers on their way to purchasing their first home. Quite apart from prohibitive house prices and stringent affordability criteria, a lack of understanding of how the mortgage process works is also holding them back. According to a survey1, 52% of adults aged 18–34 say they […]

2 November 2021

UK investors plan to continue lockdown habits

During the pandemic, many people have been able to significantly increase their investment contributions, as spending on travel, leisure and hospitality plummeted. Now, a poll1 has revealed that, far from reducing their investment contributions as restrictions loosen, 76% of UK investors intend to keep up their lockdown habits, with half planning on reducing everyday spending […]