31 March 2022

Home insurance – the finer detail – can you read the T&Cs?

Do you check the details of your home insurance policy? If you don’t, you’re certainly not alone because a fifth of adults in the UK don’t either, potentially leaving them with insufficient or the wrong type of cover. Interestingly, just under a quarter (24%) of respondents to a recent survey1 said that the T&Cs were […]

24 March 2022

Spring Forecast Statement 2022

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, delivered his 2022 Spring Statement on 23 March, confirming implementation of the politically contentious 1.25 percentage-point rise in most National Insurance contributions, though with revised thresholds to mitigate the impact. He declared that his overall plan “builds a stronger, more secure economy for the United Kingdom.” The fiscal update […]

15 March 2022

Getting a mortgage in retirement

These days, it’s not uncommon for people to become homeowners later in life. But can you get a mortgage even if you’re retired? If so, what’s the maximum age? First things first: we’re not going to pretend that getting a mortgage past the age of 55 is easy. For a start, it is more difficult […]

15 March 2022

Protect your retirement from the risk of mental decline

Retirement – that magical time when we can finally live our lifelong dreams. Increased life expectancy means that many of us can now expect a longer retirement, but this comes at a cost: the increasing prevalence of age-related cognitive decline, which could leave us vulnerable to costly financial errors. According to the Alzheimer’s Society1, there […]

9 March 2022

Lifetime renters pay over £330k more

While getting on the housing ladder is becoming increasingly difficult, doing so could leave you richer to the tune of nearly £330,000. Research from the Equity Release Council (ERC)1 has found that today’s homebuyers could save hundreds of thousands of pounds – £326,214, to be exact – over a period of 30 years compared to […]

9 March 2022

Rise of the ‘Late Financial Bloomers’

Research1 suggests a new group of consumers – Late Financial Bloomers – are set to change the face of retirement. Marriage and divorce A series of socioeconomic factors, including later home ownership, are the main drivers behind this shift. Marriage and divorce trends are also key contributors: on average, first marriages now take place four […]

2 March 2022

Top house hunter beauty spots

With 46 areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) across England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 40 national scenic areas (NSA) across Scotland, British house hunters are spoilt for choice. Now, research1 has revealed the top beauty spots prospective homebuyers are currently itching to move to, as well as ranking them by the most to least […]

2 March 2022

Investment terms trigger emotional response

Jargon is common in the world of investments and pensions, which can make them seem impenetrable and intimidating. If the thought of ‘Equities’ and ‘Investment ISAs’ makes your heart race, you’re not alone, new research1 has shown that financial terms really do make people anxious. Jar-gone Researchers used a variation of the Emotional Stroop Test, […]