27 October 2022

Challenging waters ahead

Even experienced investors are likely to find the current investment environment a challenge, particularly when one considers the array of uncertainties in the post-COVID economy which are so fundamentally different to those faced during the last two years. Opportunities, however, are still available to investors who can steer a safe course through choppy waters. Uncertainty […]

27 October 2022

Keeping investment emotions in check

While Rudyard Kipling may not have been thinking about investments when he penned his famous poem ‘If’, his words will certainly resonate with investors at the moment. The current investment landscape undoubtedly presents a challenge, even for experienced investors, but those who can keep their head when all about are losing theirs definitely have the […]

19 October 2022

In the news – Home Finance

Gardens uprooted  A quarter (25%) of homeowners in the UK with outside space have turned all or part of their garden into a driveway and a further 17% plan to make this change1. As well as parking space proving to be popular, one in ten homeowners with outside space have replaced at least some of […]

19 October 2022

In the news – Money/Wealth

Healthy dividends  UK listed companies paid out £37bn in shareholder dividends between April and June, up 38.6% from the same period last year, making Q2 the second largest UK dividend payout on record1.  Large one-off special payments were a key driver, but underlying dividends, which exclude these volatile specials, jumped by 27.0% to £32.0bn, boosted […]

18 October 2022

Green home improvements adding value

With energy bills soaring, the advantages of improving energy efficiency are becoming evident to many homeowners seeking to reduce their outgoings. Research1 suggests that over a quarter (26%) of British homeowners want to carry out improvements in order to make their home more energy efficient. Give your home a price boost Not only could energy […]

18 October 2022

Your financial wellbeing hub

The past couple of years have undoubtedly been a challenge for us all but, by pulling together, we have managed to get though an extraordinarily difficult period of time. Now, as we emerge into the post-COVID economy, we face a different set of challenges which, in their own way, appear no less daunting. One thing […]

18 October 2022

The growing need for intergenerational planning

With the next 30 years set to witness the largest ever intergenerational passing of wealth, the need for inheritance advice has never been greater. Intergenerational planning, however, can also help with more immediate financial needs, particularly when generations work collaboratively to find solutions that support the whole family both now and in the future. Inflation […]

6 October 2022

Your protection, your peace of mind

We all know financial commitments are a fact of life. Mortgage repayments and household bills aren’t glamorous expenses, but they are unavoidable in spending our hard-earned cash. Protection insurance too should be seen as a certainty in your financial plans. With living expenses rising considerably, many people are having to tighten their spending reins. Cutting […]