30 September 2020

Pension withdrawals – Consider your options

The latest data1 on flexible payments from pensions shows that in Q1 2020, almost £2.5bn was withdrawn from pensions – a 19% increase on Q1 2019 withdrawals, and the highest recorded Q1 of any year since pensions freedoms began. Although the average amount withdrawn per person was £7,100 (down 3% from Q1 2019 £7,300), the […]

30 September 2020

Happy street name – more valuable home?

Do you fall into the 92% of people who aren’t bothered about the street name when they are looking for a new home? If so, newly published research might make you change your mind. According to a new study1, this seemingly insignificant characteristic has the potential to seriously impact your property’s value. In fact, streets […]

28 September 2020

The Week in Review

“If we follow these simple rules together, we will get through this winter together” Last week began with the government’s most senior science and medical advisers issuing a stark warning about the rise in coronavirus cases witnessed over recent weeks. At a Downing Street data briefing, Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty said that, […]

24 September 2020

In the News

Contactless payments the new norm According to research1, the pandemic has accelerated the transition to contactless payments, with two thirds (66%) of card transactions in the UK now contactless. The contactless limit was increased from £30 to £45 on 1 April. Almost half (45%) of UK adults – surveyed between 10-12 April – admit their […]

24 September 2020

Protecting your Investment Portfolio

The pandemic has placed immense pressure on financial markets across the globe. Markets hate uncertainty and, in recent months, that has been one commodity not in short supply. Heightened volatility, however, does always demonstrate one investment certainty – the importance of portfolio diversification as a means of guarding against market turbulence. Time to take stock […]

21 September 2020

The Week in Review – 21 September

 “Everything is being done that we possibly can to increase testing capacity” All over the country, people have been struggling to get tested for coronavirus, with appointments paused and the system under immense pressure as demand spikes. Some people in need of a test have reported being directed to sites located hundreds of miles from […]

17 September 2020

Spreading risk has always made sense

Almost exactly 50 years ago, a company few people had previously heard of was hitting the headlines as the price of its shares went stratospheric. A few months later it came back to earth with a crash. Fortunes were made and lost after mining company Poseidon announced the discovery of new nickel ore reserves in […]

17 September 2020

In the News

UNCLAIMED PENSION POTS TOP £19.4BN Research1 has shown that because only 1 in 25 people consider telling their pension provider when they move home, around 1.6 million pension pots totalling £19.4bn – the equivalent of nearly £13,000 per pension pot – have gone unclaimed. Estimates from the government suggest that there will be as many […]

17 September 2020

In the news

EQUITY RELEASE RATES RISE FROM ALL-TIME LOWS Rates on lifetime mortgage deals are beginning to rise from record lows, with the average equity release rate for fixed and variable rate deals rising in March and in April1. While those considering taking out a lifetime mortgage will likely want to take advantage of lower rates, equity […]

14 September 2020

The Week in Review – 14 September

“It is so important that we take these tough measures now” With the number of coronavirus cases rising across the UK, the Prime Minister was back on the Downing Street podium last Wednesday to announce new measures. As we enter the autumn, with the country at a critical moment and the average rate of new […]