18 May 2022

Your home contents could be worth more than you think

In January this year, a team clearing out the home of a retired antiques dealer and lifelong hoarder found a treasure trove of valuables worth £50,000. Among the piles of bags and boxes stuffed haphazardly into the Victorian town house were eight grandfather clocks worth £1,000, an antique chair worth between £600 and £800, and […]

18 May 2022

What’s your life admin personality type?

When it comes to mundane but crucial organisation tasks – what life admin personality type are you? Do you tend to have an ‘I’ll do it later’ approach to tasks? If you live in the moment and avoid life admin completely, tend to run late, lack motivation or structure, resulting in poor organisation – you […]

12 May 2022

Taking positive steps to achieve financial freedom

When are you thinking of retiring? With many pre-retirees reassessing their lives and priorities in the wake of the pandemic, there really is a seismic shift for many people towards achieving life balance. People need a plan to flex with their changing aspirations – it’s become more about living life rather than going through the […]

12 May 2022

Look after your life

Only a quarter of Brits have life insurance or critical illness cover policies in place, despite two in five knowing someone who has had a serious accident or been too ill to work, a study1 has found. Compared to protection for our homes (55%), and travel plans (20%), the take up of insurance policies relating […]

5 May 2022

Tax year 2022/23 – get your ducks in a row

Effective tax planning strategies can help shield you from the chill this spring. While there’s minimal change in the operation and structure of the taxation of UK individuals in the 2022/23 tax year, the ‘no change’ element is significant. Excluding the 1.25 percentage point increase to National Insurance and Dividend Tax rates from April 2022, […]

5 May 2022

Fund inflows notch up second-best year on record

Despite the pandemic, new stats from The Investment Association(IA)1 show investors added over £43bn to funds last year, the second highest recorded. The IA details a key finding ‘inflows to responsible investment funds totalled a record £16bn, up £4.3bn on 2020.’ In December, net retail sales reached £2.3bn. Equity funds were the most popular asset […]

5 May 2022

Home Finance – In the news

Looming crisis in older people’s housing With demand for homes for older people four times higher than supply, the government has been urged to investigate1. The UK’s largest retirement housebuilder is requesting the introduction of rules to ensure 10% of new housing is designed for pensioners. A new government initiative ‘The Older People’s Housing Taskforce’ […]

28 April 2022

Money – In the news

Savers say goodbye to £34m in LISA bonuses During the 2020/21 tax year, HMRC reclaimed £34m in Lifetime ISA (LISA) withdrawal charges1. Although the government reduced withdrawal charges for LISAs from 25% to 20% in 2020 (to 5 April 2021) to help those who had no choice but to access their savings during the pandemic, […]

28 April 2022

Wealth – In the news

Cautious optimism over 2022 dividend growth A recent report1 has revealed a dramatic rebound in UK dividends in 2021, increasing 46.1% last year to total £94.1bn. This figure was boosted by a record £16.9bn in special dividends, three times the normal level. Special dividends are non-recurring and usually larger than a typical dividend payment. For […]

22 April 2022

Life changes – so should your mortgage

The cost of living has shot up in recent months, with inflation expected to reach a peak of 8.7% in Q41 and many families facing a significant hike on their annual energy bills from April. With finances squeezed, every penny counts – so it’s important to consider all the options for streamlining your outgoings. If […]