11 June 2024

AI & scams – don’t get caught out

Although there is much excitement surrounding the advent and development of artificial intelligence (AI), there are some serious risks involved – namely, the prevalence of scams that are becoming increasingly sophisticated.   Types of scams   There are a few main scams to be aware of:  Who is at threat?  Everyone risks falling victim to […]

11 June 2024

Reaching self-actualisation in retirement

To enjoy a financially secure retirement, it’s important to spend time doing some in-depth thinking well in advance to determine your goals and requirements in order to achieve the lifestyle you dream of. You need a robust financial plan.  When thinking about the income you’ll need in retirement, many people find it helpful to think […]

4 June 2024

Have you got your mortgage covered?

Taking out life insurance may not be a legal requirement if you have a mortgage, but it certainly is sensible to have.  The benefits  Not only does life insurance provide financial security in a hypothetical future, but it may also offer you some peace of mind knowing that your loved ones would be able to […]

4 June 2024

Transfer window

Recently published research suggests the long-heralded ‘great wealth transfer’ is now firmly underway, which inevitably heightens the need for carefully considered intergenerational financial planning as assets continue to flow down the generations.  The great transfer  Dubbed by analysts the ‘great wealth transfer,’ the next two decades are set to witness the largest ever intergenerational transfer […]

21 May 2024

Buy-to-let landlords growing portfolios

New research1 indicates that more than half (52%) of buy-to-let (BTL) landlords have been actively expanding their property portfolios over the past year, with 25% acquiring one property and an additional 27% acquiring multiple properties.  Looking at the next twelve months, 26% intend to acquire a single property, while another 26% plan to expand their […]

21 May 2024

IHT receipts at record levels

Figures released by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) show that IHT receipts have hit record levels while new data shows the taxman is hunting down thousands of families that have not paid the correct liability on inherited estates.  Record sums  In the first ten months of the 2023/24 financial year, HMRC collected £6.3bn in death […]

14 May 2024

Home Finance – In the news

Equity release trends  According to the Equity Release Council1, total annual lending reached £2.6bn in 2023, compared to a record-breaking £6.2bn in 2022, returning the market to the level of activity last seen between 2016 to 2017 (£2.1bn to £3.1bn). The total number of plans agreed last year was 26,119, a drop of 47% from […]

14 May 2024

Planning children’s financial futures

We all want a good start in life for the children in our family. After providing for the immediate needs of younger children, thoughts turn towards the future and consideration of longer-term goals. You may want to consider investing for your child’s future to potentially build something significant which they can call on in later […]

7 May 2024

In the news

Find lost money!  Up to £800m of pension and insurance assets and an even higher amount of savings could be lying dormant, according to new data1. Bank and savings accounts may be declared dormant if you don’t touch the account for several years and any letters from the bank or building society may fail to […]

30 April 2024

More FTBs later in life

The challenges young people face in getting on the property ladder are a regular feature in the media. A less-often discussed impact of the UK’s housing market, however, is the rising age of first-time buyers (FTBs).  Average age rises  The biggest increase in FTBs in the last five years has been among older homebuyers, a […]