17 August 2022

Five common mortgage myths

Getting a foot on the property ladder is an aspiration that dates back generations. Unfortunately, some mortgage myths are just as old. If you’re looking to buy in 2022, it’s important to know fact from fiction. 1. MYTH: You need a perfect credit rating A bad credit history can have a negative impact on your […]

17 August 2022

Know your pension numbers

With so many financial priorities to juggle, it can be hard to put your pension first, especially with spiralling household costs. Starting or maintaining your pension contributions is important. Whatever type of pension plan you have, you get tax relief at the highest rate of Income Tax you pay on all contributions you make, subject […]

11 August 2022

Revisiting your IHT strategy

Latest data from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) revealed IHT receipts for April 2021 to March 2022 were £6.1bn, 14% (£0.7bn) higher than in the same period 12 months earlier. Factors at play Receipts have increased partly due to higher death rates during the pandemic, as well as due to the rise in property prices […]

11 August 2022

Don’t give up your protection policy

With households facing the biggest squeeze on their incomes in many years, it’s understandable that families are looking for ways to cut costs. When looking to cut back, reviewing subscriptions and direct debits (for example, for streaming services, food subscription boxes or gym memberships) is often a good place to start, but there is one […]

1 August 2022

Trust Registration Service update

The Trust Registration Service (TRS) opened in 2017 with the aim of digitalising the trust registration process. Following the UK’s adoption of the EU’s Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5MLD) in 2020, changes to the TRS were required in order for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to fulfil its obligations under the new regulations. The new […]

1 August 2022

Your retirement today

The Class of 2022 retirement report1 provides a riveting insight into the plans and thoughts of those either planning to retire this year or recent retirees, really highlighting the changing face of retirement in the UK. The last couple of years have impacted people’s plans, with people reassessing what retirement looks like to them. Less […]

1 August 2022

Home Finance – In the news

The great bungalow shortage Demand for bungalows has increased over 60% in 20221, while supply has flattened, meaning prices for single storey properties has risen at double the market rate in some areas. Popular because of their large gardens and potential to extend, families are now keen to make offers, debunking the myth that only […]

25 July 2022

Money – In the news

‘Side hustling’ becomes the norm Nearly half (46%) of people are supplementing their income with a ‘side hustle’, according to recent research1. The phrase, which originated in the United States, means taking on a part-time job in addition to one’s regular job in order to make more money. Of those who have a side hustle, […]

25 July 2022

Wealth – In the news

Huge rise in individuals exceeding pension Annual Allowance In the past five years, the number of individuals whose yearly pension contributions breached the Annual Allowance (£40,000) has soared by more than 675%1. In the 2015–16 tax year, 5,460 people reported pension contributions exceeding the Annual Allowance in their self-assessment forms. For the 2019–20 tax year, […]

19 July 2022

Spotlight on investor sentiment and super trends

A new investor sentiment survey1 shows that, while investors are concerned about both the economic impact of the war in Ukraine and rising inflation, they remain confident about the stock market outlook and are not adjusting their portfolios just yet. Two thirds of investors surveyed said they expect the ongoing conflict to result in higher […]