15 September 2022

Approach mortgages for over-65s positively

Are you over sixty-five and finding it challenging to get a mortgage? You’re certainly not alone, according to recent findings1.  With the number of people in the UK aged over 65 soon expected to surpass those aged 18 and under, just 37% of potential borrowers aged 65 and over are offered the size of loan […]

15 September 2022

Personality traits of the self-made millionaire

In the first study of its kind1, researchers have distinguished the personality traits most common among self-made millionaires versus those who have inherited their wealth.  The study analysed a sample of wealthy individuals according to the so-called ‘Big Five’ personality traits:  • Openness  (curious vs cautious)  • Conscientiousness  (efficient vs disorganised)  • Extroversion  (outgoing vs […]

7 September 2022

Demand for energy-efficient properties strengthens

A growing proportion of house hunters are focusing on energy-efficient considerations when looking to buy a new home. Research1 suggests that rising energy prices and the cost-of-living crisis are having a significant impact on how buyers prioritise various desirable features, with an increasing number focusing on aspects related to energy efficiency. Key features Cavity wall […]

1 September 2022

Sandwich generation: how are you?

The sandwich generation are certainly used to challenges and putting other people’s needs before their own. However, cost-of-living challenges look set to heap further pressure on this group which makes it vitally important they seek advice before taking any rash decisions which could sacrifice their financial futures. Stiff upper lip Research1 suggests that, although many […]