25 June 2024

Get the right house value with a survey

Nobody wants to pay too much for their home. During the home buying process, there are many causes of stress. Making sure you don’t overpay doesn’t need to be one. That’s because getting the right survey can give you peace of mind that you are paying a fair price.  What is a survey?  A survey […]

18 June 2024

Adopting an Olympic mindset when investing

The countdown is well and truly underway to this summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris when we are all sure to be watching in awe as the world’s leading elite athletes showcase their talents. And investors could boost their chances of success by emulating an Olympian’s mindset and thereby improving their financial wellbeing.  Attributes […]

18 June 2024

Most over 55s have no plans to downsize

Only one in seven non-retired homeowners over 55 plan to downsize after they stop working, a new study1 suggests.  In a poll of 2,000 adults over the age of 55, half said they plan on staying in their current home after they retire. For those aged 71 to 75, the figure is 68%.  No hassle, […]

11 June 2024

AI & scams – don’t get caught out

Although there is much excitement surrounding the advent and development of artificial intelligence (AI), there are some serious risks involved – namely, the prevalence of scams that are becoming increasingly sophisticated.   Types of scams   There are a few main scams to be aware of:  Who is at threat?  Everyone risks falling victim to […]

11 June 2024

Reaching self-actualisation in retirement

To enjoy a financially secure retirement, it’s important to spend time doing some in-depth thinking well in advance to determine your goals and requirements in order to achieve the lifestyle you dream of. You need a robust financial plan.  When thinking about the income you’ll need in retirement, many people find it helpful to think […]

4 June 2024

Have you got your mortgage covered?

Taking out life insurance may not be a legal requirement if you have a mortgage, but it certainly is sensible to have.  The benefits  Not only does life insurance provide financial security in a hypothetical future, but it may also offer you some peace of mind knowing that your loved ones would be able to […]

4 June 2024

Transfer window

Recently published research suggests the long-heralded ‘great wealth transfer’ is now firmly underway, which inevitably heightens the need for carefully considered intergenerational financial planning as assets continue to flow down the generations.  The great transfer  Dubbed by analysts the ‘great wealth transfer,’ the next two decades are set to witness the largest ever intergenerational transfer […]